Today was full of learning despite Monday workload and the inconvenience of losing laptop access.

Reading: I got through eight pages (while coding along) of 3D Game Programming for Kids written by Chris Strom of Pragmatic Programmers.

Writing Code: In Mr. Strom’s book, you learn by reading the project chapters and following along with all the exercises. Explanations are clear and he invites playing with code to reflect on changes in output. It’s all very exciting! Here is a screenshot of my work-in-progress:


Watching: Derek Banas has an incredible YouTube video series for learning JavaScript. Today I watched the first video in the series. I liked the fast pace, my brain felt alive!

Reporting: Great strides were made with Twitter. Counting last night, I auto-twittered my latest blog post, @replied to a tweet, used Twitter handles in posts, Retweeted, Favorited, posted to Twitter from external sites, embedded a Twitter post into the blog and¬†had someone refer to my post on #Storify (It wasn’t my doing but it’s cool nevertheless.) I recognize and find humor in sounding like my mom when she learned to ‘Reply’ to e-mails. But as a newbie, these little acts are significant in tackling the learning curve.

With WordPress, I added the Twitter feed and ‘Follow Me’ apps, as well as posted to the blog.

Rapport: No supplemental study of communication skills was done, although I networked on Twitter.

Reasoning & Logic: In the book Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Days, I finished Lessons 1-3.

In 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems, I completed Problem Sets 2-6 which cover number, letter and symbol pattern recognition. These types of challenges are my favorite with 101 of 101 correct, so I’m super motivated to keep studying!

Recommendations: @Hackbright kindly posted a series of tweets sharing insights on the interview process (courtesy of  @Poornima and @kecatlin):

The referenced Tweets of Advice:
1. “Talk about why you decided to make a career transition, this displays a level of leadership.”
2.¬†“List previous jobs b/c it proves you were gainfully employed b4. Had lots of jobs? Just show projects or lump them together.”
3. “Keep yr info up-to-date @GitHub @LinkedIn @Twitter & tell a coherent story. When you graduate @Hackbright¬†update yr job status!”
4. “Avoid the passive voice – think about your vocab & choice of words in telling your story (eg. don’t say ‘I think’ or ‘I wish’)”
5. “Breaking things up: ‘Set bite-sized goals.’ Your needs will lead to more goals & tasks.”
6.¬†“Lead with the strongest thing first to capture their attention.” Did you go to Stanford? Studied engineering? Get to the point.
7. “Get as specific as possible! What is the common thread about the companies you want to work at? What is it you *don’t* want?”
8. “Common interview pitfall -> Not asking any thoughtful questions. Try asking yr interviewer ‘How long have you been on this team?'”
9. “Try asking: ‘Where does hitting a home run at this job get you?’ Gauge what exceeding expectations looks like vs. meeting them”
10. “When interviewing: (1.) Dig into the role (2.) Dig into the team (3.) Dig into the long term. What does success look like here?”
11. “Acknowledge your negative post-interview thoughts & move forward. There are 100s of tech companies & new ones forming every day!”
12. “Why negotiate your first offer? “You have one chance… to ask for EVERYTHING!” It will be 1-2 yrs until yr next 4-5% promotion”
13. “When getting a job offer: “ALWAYS ask for more equity.”
14. “You might be uncomfortable w/ asking for $10-$20k more at initial offer, but you will be taken more seriously from the get-go.”
15. “Women do ask: ‘If a company thinks you’re arrogant for asking for more, then that is not a company you want to work at.'”

A thought worth keeping in mind:¬†“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin

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