Never Too Late

Being able to dedicate concentrated hours a day for study easily is the largest impetus for searching out a coding bootcamp. The idea of having a versed roadmap as a guide and the support of a dynamic learning environment… it’s all dreeeamy. In the interim, like the sun’s rays…

: 10 pages (while coding along) of 3D Game Programming for Kids.

Writing Code: The 3D game programming book had me create a cube, sphere, cylinder, a plane (flat shape), and a torus (donut) and set them to spin using JavaScript. One of the more comforting quotes from the book:


Thank you, sir. I assume my mind will understand later what my fingers are typing.

Watching: Part 2 in Derek Banas’ Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes YouTube video. The chasm in my knowledge has been discovered somewhere between yesterday’s Part 1 and today’s Part 2. On a positive note, some of the material was intuitive and readable. But am I ready to code it myself? A snowflake’s chance in Texas.

Reporting: I spent a lot of time exploring Twitter, searching out folks with common interests in web development. In particular, I’m hoping to locate graduates of some of the coding bootcamps that draw my interest. I’m also following several coding bootcamps to identify what kind of web presence they have and keep informed of theirs goings-on.

Rapport: Twitter networking can fall into this category.

Reasoning & Logic: Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Days, 8 pages. oh ma gaw… I wish I could like this book….

501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems. Now we’re talking! Sets 7 & 8 covering Verbal Classifications, 35 of 35 correct. Ego boost!

Recommendations: a reminder:

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