Online Portfolio!

Inspired by @JenniferDewalt who’s building 180 websites in 180 days, I determined this weekend to complete an online portfolio of my Adobe Flash and Photoshop work. Once the domain name was purchased and I’d dealt with setting up the ftp (a real pain in the ass), the rest was made easier with guidance from @treehouse and a couple YouTube videos. My years long intention of posting projects was finally realized!

this is a screenshot of my online portfolio showing Adobe Flash and Photoshop projects.

If you don’t look at anything else, please take time to watch Bubba at the Zoo (lower the volume on your speakers, the sound is quite loud.) The animation tells the story of a little boy wandering the zoo freely, wearing a monkey suit and interacting with the animals. The story took hundreds of hours to create and I’m immensely proud of the results. Programming is such a different genre from Flash and Photoshop, so I’m curious how it’ll feel creatively. I can’t wait to find out!

Since determining to blog less frequently, it’s freed time for more actual coding. @treehouse is offering one-month free full site access, so I’m taking advantage to delve deep into the path ‘Become a Web Developer’. Already, I find gaps in knowledge are being filled on the heels of my efforts at self-guided study. Programs covered in the track: HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript and Relational Databases. A local ‘Learn Python’ Meetup will balance out the Ruby studies.

Continued non-Team Treehouse studies since the last post: 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems (I’ve missed 7 of 275 problems); Reasoning Skills Success, (finished six chapters). There was also a local PyLadies Meetup where I had the chance to meet other beginners.

If you want to want to challenge HTML coding against a competitor (to beat the clock or another gamer), CodeRacer, designed for kids, is really entertaining:   It would be wonderful if the developers added more content since it’s such great practice coding against the clock. I can’t find anything else I’d consider comparable online. Enjoy!

screenshot of the game CodeRacer. A car-racing themed HTML coding game to race the clock or beat competitors.

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