A large reason for my years-long ‘hesitation’ to study programming harks back to high school memories of messing with an early version of MS-DOS. Memories of mindlessly typing messages at the computer on the teacher’s command, being bored silly, watching the clock, wondering how my nerd-prototype classmate David could get so much enjoyment out of so little return.

woman sitting at a desk, mindlessly typing while looking burnt out

Conversely, now I feel as if my imagination is opening up and being set free with web development. I’m excited at the prospect of what can be created and the results experienced from typing messages at the computer on my command. I wish I had started sooner. Be that as it may, I’m here now, pedaling as fast as I can.

This week, I started and got halfway through The Command Line Crash Course for Learning Code the Hard Way.  To reinforce memorization of commands, I’m using Their games of Scatter and Space Race feed competitive natures and help make memorization drills enjoyable. I’ve studied repetition drills ad nauseum on Quizlet solely to beat my best times and scores.

screenshot of game Scatter at

True focus has been on progressing through Team Treehouse’s ‘Become a Web Developer’ track. Since starting the course, I’ve garnered 1,623 total points and 26 achievements for HTML and CSS. The lofty goal was to complete the CSS portion of the course before week’s end. Having fallen short, it’ll be a challenge to push through the remainder this work week since focus will splinter more with the introduction of Python. Two beginners Python Meetups take place this week. Fate has me attending a third Meetup for Angular JavaScript because of a shift in this week’s work schedule. A mandatory in-house training is being held on Wednesday, which is unusual since I’m in the office twice a year at most (I work from home). The Angular JavaScript session literally is being held in the building next door starting 30 minutes after work lets out, so I can’t very well justify missing that Meetup. All the socializing has me wondering whether my energy juices will last, but simultaneously, I’m looking forward to new friends and making connections.

cartoon depicting introvert in a hamster ball attempting to evade being drained of energy juice by an extrovert

The remainder of study time this week was spent reading 30 pages of Social Intelligence,  two chapters of Reasoning Skills Success and completing two problem sets of 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems (I’ve missed 7 of 300 problems). I’m mulling plans for creating a separate web page off the portfolio site to organize bookmarks and store links to useful website tools. I’ll be glad to get the bookmarks categorized and organized with nice images. Baby steps. Planning it this week, starting it next week. For now, all focus is on making it through the busy-ness of the coming workweek, feeling good, and persevering.

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