An unfortunate consequence of laser focus is that I will neglect to sleep. “Just a little bit more, and then I’ll go to sleep” the story goes. Two hours pass… then another hour. “Just ONE last thing, and then I’ll go to bed.” an hour later… “Holy crap! I can’t believe the time!!” When I finally crawl into bed, my mind winds around what I’ve done and plan to do…. Those thoughts occasionally put my legs in motion and I find myself working on ‘one last thing’. Or two.  Tonight, I am paying the price. My mind is a sieve. I’ll keep the blog post brief-ish to respect the need for sleep.

With the Stanford online How to Learn Math class, I finished course five. Growth Mindset is such a great approach to education, I feel lucky having discovered the course and plan (still) to post a blog specifically related to its concepts.

Realizing the need to feel comfortable with math, I’ve been using Khan Academy and zipping through lots and lots of mathematical problems starting with the basics. After a while, I began to enjoy figuring out the solutions. Ah! That feeling again. I haven’t felt this enthused about math since junior high school.

Khan Academy also offers a course on the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript. The course has been fantastic for getting me to DO code. Typically, I watch videos about programming or read or fill-in-blanks or search for the correct answer from a list provided. The hands-on actual programming is a much more productive (and enjoyable) way to learn so I’ve begun committing at least an hour a day to DO code. With Khan’s programming course, I’ve gone through three lessons and completed the two associated projects. Here’s a JavaScript kitty I made to practice drawing with various shapes (ellipse, rectangle, bezier, triangle & lines) (Click the image to view the code:

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 6.04.12 PM

The second cat picture helped me practice variables with values dependent on other values to move the kitty up and down and around the page without leaving bits & pieces of itself on the wayside. With more time, I would have added a little blank window frame hanging mid-air by a string. Then the cat could slide to the left and have his little face peep through the window. I’ll save that idea for a rainy day. (Click to view the code and move the kitty):
Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.56.40 PM

The Command Line Crash Course is done and I’m practicing commands using With Team Treehouse’s ‘Become a Web Developer’ track, I finished Console Foundations and finally (finally!) am ready to start Ruby. (I have waited so long!) Presently, I’m at  2,379 total points and 38 achievements on Treehouse’s tracking system.

In the book Social Intelligence, I finished chapter five, and in Reasoning Skills Success, I finished lesson 12. Rather than solve 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems, I opted for a movie with a friend (Not a great movie, but the friend is great!) Using Runestone’s online interactive version of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, I finished chapter three. With regard to Learn Python the Hard Way, I’ve finished the first three chapters. I had intended to begin reading Python Essential Reference (4th Edition) for an Austin Learn Python Meetup, but I’ve decided to let go that effort to allow for more forward momentum with other study materials.

Another intent this week was to organize favorited bookmarks (links) to create a separate web page off my portfolio site. With that step now complete, it’s time to create the web page. But not tonight. It’s time for bed. And I am going to sleep. And I won’t get up until morning. Brain. off.

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