Peacocks and Such

I’ll keep it short to close the day.  Khan Academy‘s Computer Programming course has sucked me in to where I’ve spent a majority of this week’s study time practicing code at their site. Their online support offered by professional programmers babysitting the site has been tremendous. These mentors are very fast at responding to questions and are thorough with their explanations. I really look forward to learning more from them!

With regard to coding accomplishments, first, I created this hot air balloon sailing over the mountains as the sun sets in the distance (click the image to be taken to the animation and code):

picture of a hot air balloon sailing over mountains as the sun sets. Picture was made in JavaScript

Tonight I finished this peacock whose eyes blink as the mouse moves across the image. It’s a fun animation. The code is l-o-o-o-n-g. I didn’t know how to incorporate arrays when working with moving parts on moveable objects. Even so, this program was really tough and pushed me to learn. (click the picture to be taken to the animation and code):

a picture of a peacock that was made using JavaScript

Other studies included more math practice at Khan Academy’s website. I read half of chapter six in Social Intelligence, finished three-quarters of chapter 4 of Runestone’s online interactive version of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist,… I got through lesson 13 of Reasoning Skills Success and did three problem sets from 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems (361 of 368 correct so far). There was Quizlet review of common HTML & CSS terms, Internet basic term definitions, Command Line abbreviations and an Interactive Python Glossary. And I easily reached my goal of programming at least an hour a day. Rolling into the week, there will be lots of Python practice by way of three Python Meetup Hack Nights.

Having interacted a bit with professional programmers this week and seeing how quickly and how much they’re able to do with code really brings home how little I know. If I keep at it day by day, at some point, maybe I can work programs as easily and have the mindset and skills of a professional programmer. That’s my goal to work toward. Just keep coding.

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