Infinite Errors

Auto-Save and infinite loops don’t play well together. I managed to crash system programs twice this week with little ‘tweaks’ of learning exploration resulting in infinite loops automatically preserved by the programs within which they were created. There was no exit & return option for quick edits with intent to break the cycle… the loops held tight and refused to give up the fight easily. Luckily, workarounds were had and I’m free to stumble over my feet once again, which I’ll have no trouble doing.

This week’s study started with completing Chapter six on Conceptual Learning of Stanford’s online class How to Learn Math. In  Khan Academy‘s Computer Programming course, I got a lot of studying done with arrays and the havoc-inducing loops. I posted a couple mini-studies on Khan’s site but haven’t finished this week’s main project which involves the use of arrays and incorporating loops to switch out text bubbles of a cat speaking a few phrases. That project is giving some trouble so I’ll continue working on it this week. I also made progress with math studies on the Khan website.

In the book Social Intelligence, I finished chapter six. In the book Reasoning Skills Success, I got through lessons 14-17. In 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems, I completed sets 24-26, having now finished 401 problems with 391 correct. In Quizlet, I worked on recalling a summary of Python turtle methods, an interactive Python glossary, command line abbreviations, common HTML & CSS terms and Internet basic term definitions.

Runescape has been hard hit with an influx of new students which has caused a large amount of instability with the online How to Think Like a Computer Scientist using Python. Access issues kept me from finishing all the exercises in chapter four so I’ll redress them this week. I did finish chapter four of  Learn Python the Hard Way and am ready to dive into five.

Recently, my brother’s 42-year old widow was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 with bone metastasis. She’s never recovered financially from her husband’s colon cancer treatment expenses.  Now with her own treatment costs, she’s reaching out for assistance from the community. To help with my sister-in-law’s fundraising efforts, I created a donation site. If you have a chance and an open heart and pocketbook, please stop by and consider donating to help my sister-in-law with her treatment expenses.

screenshot with link to a website I created this weekend for my relative with stage 4 breast cancer in an effort to help with fundraising for treatment costs

The donation site’s creation gave me lots of practice with HTML and CSS and my first opportunity to work with a grid. The site is not a responsive design but it was a big step forward in my learning and I was proud of the result.

So that’s it, that’s what kept me busy this week. Lots of study was had, some learning was done, the road before me is excessively long. But I’m happily moving forward.

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