So much time this week was spent out of town. A relative (common-law) was in very poor health and wasn’t expected to live. Latest news is that he’s regained consciousness and is sitting up to eat, so we’re relieved and hopeful that the renewed energy will continue. Claude has overcome a lot and has lived a long life. He was a flight instructor and the first African-American officer to be trained and commissioned in the Tuskegee Airmen program. Prior to World War II, he served as lab assistant to George Washington Carver at Tuskegee University. Claude is a very gentle and quiet man and I enjoy being around his energy. I do hope he pulls through.

With regard to studies… I completed the online Stanford class How to Learn Math. This class was so helpful at regaining an appreciation for math and continued learning. It’s still my intent to write a blog post highlighting points from the class with the hope others will find their way to experience growth-mindset studies. The next material I’ll start this week is a book called ‘Cross-Train Your Brain: A Mental Fitness Program for Maximizing Creativity and Achieving Success‘.

Khan Academy‘s Computer Programming course gave me the chance to study arrays and loops to switch out text bubbles of a cat speaking a few phrases (Click the picture to view the code):

screenshot of Maru the Talking Cat with embedded link to code posted in the Khan Academy site's Computer Programming course.

I’m really not comfortable yet with arrays combined with mouse interactions. I need more practice and hope to get started on another project/animation this week incorporating mouse interaction in the creation of a wolf character howling at the moon. As well, I’ve decided to push harder with my math studies on the Khan site for the next couple weeks. During Python studies a couple days ago, I realized I wasn’t understanding the math behind a program. So I really need to learn as much math as possible to increase the chance of becoming a decent programmer.

Speaking of Python studies, I finished chapters 4 & 5 of the online How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Additionally, I completed lessons 5-9 of  Learn Python the Hard Way. I intend to sharpen focus on Python studies and really push to learn more. Despite the amount of time studying each week, I feel forever a beginner and want to start delving deeper into lessons.

Early in the week, I had time to make slight changes to my portfolio site (switching around a couple projects and resizing images to help with faster loading time). In the book Social Intelligence, I finished chapter seven. In 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems, I completed sets 27-29, having finished 433 problems with 422 correct answers. I’ve finally reached the logic games section which I’d been dreading. The dread was a waste of energy because I’ve enjoyed the problem-solving. I think the difference is that I forgive myself for not knowing everything while allowing for enjoyment in the experience of learning. It’s a small change but profound. Learning has become exciting again and I’m just so hyped and have such a good feeling while expanding my mind.

Tomorrow’s going to be taken up with creating simple labels and cards on business card stock in preparation for my sister-in-law Susan’s fundraiser to help with breast cancer treatment costs. I won’t be attending the event but plan to send items to help with the fundraising. The cards I’m creating can be sent home with fundraiser attendees to serve as a reminder to make donations in the days and weeks after the fundraiser. And the labels can be stuck on bags and auction items etc, directing to the breastcancer.us.com page. After tomorrow, I hope to return to a regular study schedule.

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