a photograph of Claude during World War II

Claude during World War II, he was the last surviving original Tuskegee Airman

By and large, I’ve been offline for a week which included travel, funeral, heightened emotions and family proceedings. Internet access was sporadically provided by way of  a wifi hotspot through a friend’s cellphone. I did manage to submit a couple applications to coding bootcamps since it finally felt the right time to do so. Additionally, I searched out blogs and a podcast created by current bootcamp students. Otherwise, I spent lots of time socializing and meeting extended family…. I did no reading, no studying,.. nothing programming-related. This was the longest break I’ve had from studying since starting to learn web development in March. Admittedly, I really enjoyed the downtime and break from studying. But it’s scary how easily I fell out of established routine and enjoyed the ‘freedom’. Can I return as easily back to a web dev learning lifestyle? I’ll find out tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll go to bed in a few minutes to get a good night’s sleep and to settle myself mentally for a return to discipline, study and full-time employment.

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