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This will be the last post mentioning Claude since the blog isn’t meant to be morose. Having allowed space for processing his absence (which by its nature cut into study time), I feel a return of enthusiasm and wish to get back to a regular routine.

cute sloth picture

cute picture of a sloth to distract from the fact I have no project to display this week

I’ve been happy all day and plotting how to restructure focus to include more JavaScript practice. In the meantime, here’s an update of recent study activity:

In the book, Cross-Train Your Brain, I finished chapter 4 which includes a test meant to identify tendency for left- or right-brained thinking. My results were pretty even at 97 which is supposed to mean that I use both right-brain and left-brain thinking equally. (scoring ranges were 34-85 = right-brain thinking; 119-170 = left-brain thinking; 86-118 = whole-brain thinking.) In the book Social Intelligence, I read chapter 10. With 501 Challenging Logic Reasoning Problems, I finished set 33. In Learn Python the Hard Way, I completed lessons 14 & 15.  Doing MIT’s open courseware class Introduction to CS & Programming, I got through Unit 1 lecture 4 and the 2nd recitation and read a bit of the accompanying book Intro to Computation & Programming Using Python. (Of special note, I did not purchase Amazon’s $5,689.00 paperback version of the book because… what… the… heck….)

This week, I did have two coding bootcamp interviews that seemed to go well so my heart is aflutter. I’m afraid to wish too hard in case there’s rejection, so I’m going to just put my energy into studying to keep moving forward.

The local PyLadies have asked that I help teach an upcoming Intro to Python Workshop. If I do help lead the workshop, there may be a cram session in the days preceding since I only started learning Python a short time ago. As a past-teacher remembering glory days, I am excited to help any way I can. But in lieu of less experience, they may prefer to find someone with more existing knowledge. I’m cool with it either way. They’re good people and I’m flattered to have been asked. Time for sleep! I intend for tomorrow to be productive.  🙂

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