gSchool Bound

From March 3, I’ll attend gSchool’s newest programming bootcamp. Initially, I applied at Bitmaker Labs in Toronto and RefactorU in Boulder and was fortunate to get offers from both. I was very impressed with Sean Daken’s vision for his school and had heard such wonderful things about the head teacher Raine that I felt extremely satisfied with the decision to go with RefactorU in Boulder. Prior to signing RefactorU’s contract while preparing for the move, I heard about gSchool’s expansion into the area. There were many aspects to consider but there were two factors that weighed heaviest in my decision: gSchool’s program runs for six months (compared to 10 weeks) so learning gets more in-depth; as well, gSchool offers to defer up to 11K of the program’s fee. Given the length of time without income while studying, this deferral element is a dealmaker. They also offer a nice incentive of bootcamp reimbursement if guidelines are met and yet employment of +$60K isn’t found within three months of graduating. So I’m committed to and very excited about attending gSchool.

Living in Austin since the 90’s, my entire cold weather and long sleeve wardrobe had dwindled to a 20-year old winter coat and a favorite sweatshirt commemorating the 1996 Summer Olympics. Building up a penny saving, cold weather wardrobe took time and many trips to thrift shops. The next accomplishment was getting moved out of my apartment and storing most items in a public storage unit. I’m in the final stages of preparation for the long trip north. Moving to Boulder mid-January will allow time to familiarize myself with the city and get acquainted with the programming community prior to the March cohort.

Meanwhile, I’ve started the gSchool preparation materials and readings. Interestingly, one of the books I’ve been asked to read is on The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking. It circles around neuroplasticity concepts so it’s a pleasure to read. Additionally, I’m doing typing exercises at which is a programming-specific site covering languages such as JavaScript with jQuery, Ruby on Rails, PHP Symphony, Shell Git and Python Mercurial. The odd characters and layout in the typing exercises has slowed my typing speed from 70+ wpm to 44 which is a great and yet poor score for me. Here’s a screenshot of one particularly challenging typing exercise with its string of unusual characters:

screenshot showing typing exercise for programmers from

I’ll end rather abruptly so that I can get to sleep. Here’s to a happy new year for all of us.

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