@gSchool Week 3

This week’s gSchool highlights included solidifying an understanding of how Test-Driven Development (TDD) works and gaining a much higher comfort level using Git and GitHub. Quite a bit of ‘free’ time was also spent reviewing Ruby basics to strengthen weak areas in my knowledge base.

Our cohort finally began pair programming using a handy tool called ScreenHero (love!) which offers VoiceChat and ScreenShare. Pair programming is a blast! And ScreenHero is useful for evening chats with classmates using the ScreenShare option for assistance when code lines blur. For pairing purposes during class, we also learned about and started utilizing a gem called Git-Duet that makes one person the author and one the committer on code submissions.

An aspect that I appreciate about gSchool’s approach to employability is encouraging us to develop our ‘soft skills’.  Being an introvert, it can feel quite the stretch to be placed in social situations with unknowns and made to speak. gSchool’s calendar is full of MeetUps, Happy Hours and social settings where I can work on honing conversation skills. True, I prefer to cluster in a semi-circle with gSchoolers, but the ongoing social exposure may gradually help to feel more accustomed breaking out of the ever-present comfort zone. As well, the social scene offers a much needed break from internal pressures to study. Study hard, play hard is another lesson in the works.

gSchoolers enjoying lunch on the balcony

gSchoolers enjoying lunch on the balcony. photo credit to @JennyAllar

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