@gSchool Week 4

Today marked the end of a month of study at gSchool. It is shocking how quickly the time is slipping past. Studies this week included testing using Capybara implemented in a Sinatra app and reading an early access copy of  Corey Haines‘ excellent book on the 4 Principles of Software Design. We’ve created HTTP Sequence Diagrams

HTTP Sequence Diagram on 'Updating an Item'

chart draft credits to gSchool classmate Gerard Cote http://linkd.in/P4jCSu

and began building our first class project: a URL shortener app with HTML/CSS. This non-functioning little blue button has provided hours of aggravation. (But we will conquer you, little blue button, mark my words…!)


Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 1.45.40 AM


The weekend is for catching up on study backlog and preparing for a Sinatra assessment. Socially, we’ve attended Meetups and hosted a Happy Hour with building neighbors. As well, we had two guest speakers: John Foley of Pivotal Labs who involved us in a detailed question and answer session related to pair programming while Jason Noble gave an impromptu talk and addressed the same topic. He showed a hilarious video on pair programming that brought me to tears.

For me, a highpoint was finally getting to meet and work with our mentors. These kind souls from the programming community give time and energy weekly to guide us toward programming competence and confidence. I am so grateful to Ben West and Jeff Taggart for their willingness to coax me toward proficiency. Thank you, Ben and Jeff, you’re stellar human beings!

If you’re interested in giving back to the programming community by becoming a mentor for future gSchool classes, please contact our TA Kinsey Ann Durham.

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