@gSchool Week 7

Throughout the week, our class worked on utilizing the skeleton of an application to bootstrap a Postgres backed Sinatra application. In other words, we were given the bare workings of a web application and expanded it to include database functionality for registering and logging in users. Once we had the sites up and running, Matthew Leach spoke about web design utilizing HTML and CSS. We were set loose to use basic color theory, HTML and CSS on our ‘completed’ projects with special emphasis on working with columns. The general guideline was to include a header and footer with three links with each linked page using lorem ipsum text. This project gave the opportunity to build a site around a logo mockup I’d created in December for a friend: dashJuiceLogo (1)

After deciding a theme, I pulled in colors and images from other sites as reference. The Postgres database was presented as means to join a mailing list and register to win a month of free pressed-juice deliveries from the ‘Dash Juice’ company (view on GitHub or Heroku).screenshot of the top half of Dash Juice Mockup Homepagescreenshot of the top half of Dash Juice Mockup Homepage

There were some glitches (I cannot find how to align the logo with navigation menu items!) but the project was really enjoyable. I look forward to upcoming lessons from Matthew since frontend of full-stack development holds such an appeal.

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2 Responses to @gSchool Week 7

  1. coreyd303 says:

    Possible there was some unseen margin or boarder in the image file? Something that could be address in the CSS?

  2. Could it be that? I used a normalize.css file that’s meant to strip out the initial odd formatting… but maybe I inadvertently put in something I shouldn’t. I’ll take another look and see if I can find the issue.., thank you for the thought!

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