@gSchool Week 8

One-third of the way through gSchool and counting….

Early on the gSchool journey, a commenter posted that the extreme amount of learning in a condensed time frame seems to get the better of programming bootcamp students resulting in a sharp drop-off of blog posts. He indicated I might have a better shot with keeping up the blog in gSchool since the program is six months long. Let me clarify,.. gSchool may be longer but the amount of time per week spent studying is comparable to that of shorter bootcamps. The gSchool website states we can expect to study 60-75 hours per week. For some of us, that’s a conservative estimate. We experience long days, long nights, lots of study and oftentimes little sleep, interspersed with sunshine at lunch to help clear our heads and lighten our souls. 

Tonight, however, I made a point of stepping away from the laptop to play hooky and temporarily push away thoughts of programming.  A small group of us dined and danced our way through some of Boulder’s clubs and bars and lightened our loads with tears and beers. Although one night away isn’t enough to bring balance to our temporarily skewed lifestyles, it was a great reminder that we’re alive and free in an amazing city.

photo of gSchool students dancing

dancing in the dark — photo credit @EmilyPlatzer

Tomorrow the journey continues. The weekend will involve study of Rails (which we started learning this week). We’ll work on our first independent projects (also started this week). There will be study group in the morning with plans to prepare for an early week assessment to gauge progress toward becoming full-time developers. I also want to get in more practice by finishing a CRUD Rails app that was started yesterday. And between now and then, I will sleep….

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