@gSchool Week 10

Following a recent assessment to gauge progress toward becoming full-time developers, our class reviewed intentions moving forward. Instructor Jeff Dean set forth a plan based on ‘Theory of Constraints’ (TOC) from a book entitled ‘The Goal’. Per Wikipedia, “TOC is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints.” In applying this philosophy to the gSchool experience, students individually reflected on bottlenecks inhibiting goal progression. In my case, an easily identifiable bottleneck is Rails CRUD (from the ground up). (CRUD is an acronym which refers to the major functions implemented in relational database applications: Create, Read, Update and Delete.) 

Once the root cause of the bottleneck is identified, theory behind TOC dictates throwing tremendous effort at strengthening the weak link to improve the overall organism. For me, this translates to drilling on Rails CRUD. Presently, construction of a Rails CRUD app takes me four hours or more (with notes!) As a result, I will be living/breathing Rails CRUD with the purpose of getting time to app completion under one hour.

I’m actually pretty excited at being able to focus so intently on a single subject since I’d like to feel ‘mastery’ over something Rails-related. Through the bootcamp experience, I’ve been introduced to LOTS of information but haven’t yet felt like I’ve truly sunk my teeth into any single part of it (this is my own perspective which is not necessarily shared by the other students.) I think learning Rails CRUD thoroughly will help bring back a feeling of empowerment and joy that’s been overshadowed by struggles accompanying the barrage of new information in my bootcamp learning experience.

On a different note, I had intended to post a Heroku link to introductory progress on my first individual project. However, due to a five minutes ago-detected glitch on staging of the app, I’ll delay posting a link until I identify the staging hiccup. In its place, please enjoy this soothing rendition of ‘I Made It Through the Rain’ by Barry Manilow:

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