@gSchool Week 11

The week was full of excitement during Boulder Startup Week. gSchool students had the opportunity to be introduced to and bond with the tech community through local events and meetups. Our class represented by having several from the cohort form teams to enter and win 1st and 2nd place in Battle of the Games Hackfest against programmers from the community. (Huge congrats to: Paul, Cory, Martha, Nate, Jenny and Emily!) Notably, our parent organization Galvanize also expanded its reach by opening doors to the new 5th floor Boulder office (up from our 2nd floor classroom). The sunlit, open space is a huge hit with us students, as is its balcony with grill and amazing views of the Flatirons.

In other news, our studying continued as we launched development on several large projects for a pseudo client called the Bradtke Group. Story has the Bradtke Group as a “science education company run by scientists, for scientists. They publish content, sell products, run meetups and facilitate an online community…”. gSchool students will release products for ‘Bradtke Group’ including an Event Manager, Online Store, Newsletter Manager, Social Network and a Dashboard to track all events that occur through the entire suite of tools.

Additionally, gSchool is taking on a real client in the company mobiDECKS. As they describe themselves, “mobiDECKS is a content management and delivery system for mobile that engages users with impactful content via an incredibly intuitive deck-of-cards UI”. These six projects combined will keep us busy for the next several weeks as we rotate from project to project, dipping our hands into new-to-us code bases.

Meanwhile, we students continue working on individual projects. Here’s an early version of a site I’m creating that will offer digital camera information and reviews (on GitHub and Heroku):
screenshot of 'Camera Snapshot' site

I’ll add functioning links and content in the weeks to come.

This is a good time to mention the phenomenon known as ‘Impostor Syndrome’. I’ve been in its throes since arriving at gSchool, and have defended a stance of ongoing programming ignorance despite protests from others that I “know more than [I] think [I] do”. With the hope that readers (and writer) can gain comfort, confidence and techniques to combat the unpleasantness of impostor syndrome, here’s a talk by Denise Paolucci on ‘Overcoming Impostor Syndrome’.  Her talk offers strategies for those who deal with impostor syndrome firsthand, as well as techniques for allies and leaders to help people realistically judge their own work and accomplishments:

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