@gSchool Week 12

The halfway mark has arrived. 12 weeks into the gSchool program and I’ve gradually become more aware of how little I know in proportion to what’s out there. The programming world is HUGE!! Fortunately, career development will be an ongoing process continuing well past the 24-week graduation point. Thinking about 9 to 11-week programming bootcamps, I wonder if their students feel prepared for web dev employment. In any case, I feel extremely fortunate to have an additional 12 weeks on a disciplined learning track before being released into the world as a software developer.

This week, I spent time thinking about what I wanted to achieve during the second half of the program. Focusing on end goals, I’ve started zeroing in on areas of study for extra practice outside the classroom. Surprisingly, this focus on ‘ends rather than means’ has brought an increased sense of joy to the independent learning experience. As a result, I’ve felt more confidence interacting with code and more excited about learning as a whole. That feeling of creativity is what kept me motivated to study when I was learning on my own, and I’m grateful to feel its presence.

I’m giving over to exhaustion so it’s time to put the keyboard away. But I look forward to digging deeper into Rails tomorrow.

cartoon of man having set goals and half the way toward achieving accomplishments by way of discipline

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