@gSchool Week 14

Last night, our class held a mid-gSchool celebration (organized by EmilyPlatzer and Rachel Logie). As Emily was taking the photo (above), I remember feeling such joy! The day was beautiful with a gorgeous view of the Flatirons and I was surrounded by an amazing group of friends. Our class has been fortunate to have such a strong bond.

The tail end of this week has me refocused on building Rails CRUD. An eventual goal (per instructor Jeff Dean) is for each student to build a CRUD in under an hour without referring to notes. My time has exceeded two hours with plenty of notes review. Inspiration to whittle down that time came from watching a classmate make huge gains with CRUD. Initially, Aubrey Howell was at a similar pace taking 2+ hours per CRUD with notes. In a matter of a couple days with disciplined effort and implementation of RubyMine keybinding shortcuts, her time has dropped to an amazing 25-30 minutes per CRUD without notes! Thanks to Aubrey’s example, I’ve dug back in to tackling CRUD. My most recent time is under 50 minutes with just a couple glances at notes for the most stubborn lines of code. I hope to be completely independent by the end of the day tomorrow.

Regarding my personal project, its focus has transitioned throughout the week. Initially, the plan was to construct a camera review site. Ultimately, I’ve shifted focus toward a concept of allowing users to email cards to friends with uploaded images or by way of taking their own picture using a webcam. Users might also use photos pulled into the site from image feeds. I hope to incorporate image manipulation with simple filters or text overlays with an eventual user authentication element. So I’ve scrapped most of my existing code and am starting over with big intentions and a large learning curve. The image manipulation element really attracts me due to an ongoing love of Photoshop. So this new direction should be fun!

Tomorrow’s another study day. My stupid body alarm is waking me at 6:30am regardless of morning plans or how late I might have stayed up. I’ll try now to get a bit more sleep.

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