@gSchool Week 15

With just a few weeks remaining before graduation, we’re starting to feel the time crunch of how much learning needs to be accomplished before we’re set loose into the programming world. We’ve buckled down with plans to review or be introduced to topics such as serving APIs, Ruby in-depth, ActiveRecord in-depth, Social Logins with OAuth, Deployment, Email (e.g. ActionMailer and attachments), and File Uploading (e.g. Carrierwave and images/resizing). This past week, we started the deep dive by trying our hands at a single-page JavaScript app. I look forward to approaching JS more systematically and thoroughly after finishing gSchool since it’ll be a great outlet for creativity.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued practicing Rails CRUD and am reviewing Ruby and accessing of data structures. (In fact, if anyone knows a good resource for drills on accessing Ruby data structures, please leave a comment. I’m wanting to start with simple hashes and arrays and build up to accessing more complex nested structures.)

Additionally, we’ve finally been given the green light to start looking for employment options after graduation. As an extra motivation, we took a tour this week of neighboring SendGrid‘s new office (known for their cloud-based email delivery service). Needless to say, our minds were blown by their business culture, office space and hospitality. I imagine they can expect 20+ gSchool resumes to arrive within the next several weeks.

Knowing how close we are to the end of school, I spent last night updating my resume. Since I’m shifting careers, I revamped the resume to be more goal-oriented with hopes of finding a ‘learning-supported’ software developer position while being introduced to real world business workflow. Here’s a copy of my resume in case anyone knows of job leads or would like ideas for updating their own resume. Constructive feedback is also appreciated.

My Resume

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