@gSchool Week 16

The first half of gSchool passed so slowly. Now, as we’re finishing the last few weeks until graduation, time is passing at a breakneck speed. Having recently focused largely on Rails CRUD drills, I’ve started expanding additional study efforts to include more Ruby basics, migrations, relations, models and basic active record with authentications. I’ve begun a Game of Thrones Rails app theme to house the multiple moving parts for study and practice (nothing fancy, barebones HTML and no CSS). Presently in the app, one can create and view people (e.g. Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister). Over time, I hope to add the houses (e.g. House of Stark, House of Lannister), cities (e.g. cities ‘belonging to’ the traveling Daenerys) and possibly banners representing the various houses.

Also this week, I made a first foray to a company to learn about a new developer position. For my bravery, the followup treat was a trip to Elitch Gardens in Denver to ride roller coasters.  The view at night is gorgeous and the freefalling Tower of Doom after dark was my favorite ride followed by the wooden coaster Twister II.


Tomorrow is a practice assessment so I can take another look at progress toward becoming a software developer. I don’t want to stay up too late and yet I wish to get a little assessment study done tonight. With that, I’ll cut this week’s post short.

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