@gSchool Week 19

Following last week’s assessment, our instructors have revamped efforts to address learning needs before setting us free on the programming world. In some cases, that may translate to students having self-sufficient time to progress without guidance while demonstrating a logical process for breaking down coding problems. An ultimate goal is to make sure we’ve all satisfactorily developed the ability ‘to learn how to learn’. For other students, the classroom focus is more on pair programming and improving speed while filling in knowledge gaps. Additionally, students are preparing to demonstrate progress on independent projects by way of two upcoming Demo Days. I’ll demo a portion of my ‘Camera Snapshot’ app by which users can send an ecard with an inline image selected from a subreddit API. Here’s a link if anyone wants to preview and receive an unformatted message with an as-of-yet overly large photo. I promise the email will look prettier by next week’s Demo Day in Denver.

Meanwhile, our minds are beginning to turn to finding employment. Our ‘free’ time is filling up with revamping of resumes, researching and contacting potential employers and preparing for the dreaded coding interviews.

With the additional job search focus, my attention is drifting away from the blog, but I’ll make a strong effort to finish the weekly posts through gSchool’s graduation date. Posts will be shorter and may end abruptly.    😉

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