@gSchool Week 20

It’s interesting how the class structure has changed so much since gSchool started 20 weeks ago. Previously, most learning happened in group or pair settings. We still hold optional group activities on a daily basis (reviewing topics such as whiteboarding data model structures), but the primary focus for many of us is on following individual learning paths. Having said that, any number of students may be found working on resumes and cover letters, debugging practice apps, working on independent projects or practicing migrations, validations, authentications, et cetera.

I’m attempting to budget time for each of the above-mentioned topics. As a result, I’m finally to a place of happiness with the my resume and cover letter. This week, I’ve made excellent progress on the independent project. And as a result, I feel relatively confident rolling into the Demo Day scheduled for August 6th in Denver. I’m also excited to drill down on weak areas highlighted by our (now) frequent practice assessments.

In class there’s more awareness of how little time remains and how much needs to be accomplished before graduation. Much talk revolves around job interviews, where we’ll live and what we hope to do once gSchool is finished. Emotions are all over the place as we consider the loss of daily peer support and the gSchool safety net, fears of the coding interview, uncertainties about upcoming employment, and happiness/sadness at having completed our six months of intensive training. To a much larger degree than expected, gSchool has been and continues to be an emotional journey.

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