@gSchool Week 21

This week, we began holding Rails workshops for class deep dives with plenty of student participation in the learning process. The workshops have been extremely interactive with lots of time for Q and A, and have been a high point of my time in the program. Additionally, we got a little extra instruction in CSS from Aaron Gray who’s a new instructor for the upcoming Boulder gSchool class. Aaron has a gift for relaying information and future classes will be lucky to train under him.

Tomorrow begins Develop Denver which I’ll be attending. It’s a conference for local developers and designers. I’m really looking forward to attending some of the talks… especially on JavaScript, Sass, Ember and jQuery. Like a kid in a candy store….

Built in Boulder ran a post called ‘8 gSchool students who want to work at your tech company this year’. I felt lucky to have been included in the profile, although I regret the photo choice (somber somber among smiley smileys).

Today I revisited the study site Ruby Koans for the first time in a few months. I have to admit, initially I was not on the Ruby Koan bandwagon. After having been away and reapplying myself to the koans, I’m beginning to feel the love. This will be my new time-filler. Good shtuff!

This coming Wednesday, 12 of us will demo independent projects at Galvanize in Denver. I’ll show the app Camera Snapshot. It appears the final late-August demo may be cancelled, so if anyone is interested in seeing a sampling of gSchool student projects, this is the one to attend. You can RSVP here.

Alright, wayyy time for sleep.

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