@gSchool Week 22

This has been another great week at gSchool. We had our Demo Night in Denver and the presentations were a huge success! Here’s my favorite tweet following the event:

It was really nice to hear such positive feedback after all our hard work. There are a few of us who haven’t had a chance yet to demo an app, so we’ll have one final Demo Night prior to the Commencement in Boulder on August 20 (Demo starting at 6pm). We’ll probably cap the number of demos so there’s more of a chance to mingle and celebrate the conclusion of our six months with gSchool (the last day is Aug 22nd!)

We’re coming along strong with regard to the job hunt. As a class, we’ve gone on a lot of interviews and a few of us have received job offers already, many more offers are pending. Deciding to come to gSchool and making such a large financial investment might be considered a gamble, but the payoff has been tremendous. I’m so happy I shook loose of the familiar to break into this new industry with the instruction of Jeff Dean and Mike Gehard (with big time help from Kinsey Durham, Aaron Gray,  Matthew Leach, Jeff Taggart, Hunter Gillane and our amazing mentors!) Huge kudos for coaxing us along all these months, you guys. The finish line is in sight!


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