@gSchool Week 23

Unbelievably, our Boulder gSchool class is one week away from finishing. It has been the fastest, longest six months that I can remember. This week, we finished two three-hour final assessments on Rails and Ruby; and after the final, final assessment, a crew of us headed to Rio rooftop for a group lunch and liquid celebration. The margaritas and ricky drinks were truly appreciated!

Our commencement ceremony will take place Aug 20th and a few more final projects will be shown to cap off the event. If you would like to attend the celebration, you may RSVP here.

Although some students are opting to wait on the employment search (in lieu of rest, well-earned vacations and a honeymoon), an unofficial tally puts us at eight accepted job offers and counting. I’ve also found a company of interest and have fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Ryan Gosling with quote 'May the odds be ever in your favor'

In the meantime, just because we’re approaching the gSchool finish line doesn’t mean we can walk the rest of the way. We’re looking forward to an iOS Workshop in Swift at the beginning of the week, which should be a lot of fun! And then, we’ll be free to sink or swim….

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