@gSchool Week 13

This upcoming Tuesday is the inaugural Demo Night in which a handful of gSchool students will present personal projects-in-progress. Having glimpsed some of the projects, I am thoroughly impressed with what’s been accomplished during the past 13 weeks. Not knowing what’s ‘under the hood’ but speaking on visual aspects of the apps, participating students should feel very proud of their successes.

My little app is still chugging along. Today was spent debating whether to focus energies on pushing through a few blocks on the app to be ready for presentation in the upcoming Demo Night. Ultimately, I decided against it since I can’t yet take pride compared to past projects created with Photoshop and Flash. Inspiration is finally beginning to hit, though, with regard to making the app more visually appealing and creative (halle-frickin’-lujah!). I don’t know how (or whether I can) accomplish a particular brainstorm but I’m excited to try! At the same time, I daily resist the urge to rip the code apart and start over. It feels slightly yucky building on such a rough foundation, I miss having more ‘order’. But I feel a need to continue for that same reason… to acclimate to messiness.

Even though I’m not presenting on Tuesday, I will go ahead and provide a link to Heroku where the app-in-progress resides. Functionality is limited…. There’s a simple (unformatted) CRUD on the ‘Reviews’ tab that isn’t yet able to upload and store images,.. but the ‘Photo Contest’ tab pulls in images via API from the subreddit ‘Earth Porn’ on reddit. There’s a lot more to do but I’m bumpily moving forward and feel the app and I will be at a more comfortable place by the time we make our social debut.

If you wish to attend the gSchool Demo Night, you can RSVP here.

screenshot from the Photo Contest tab of the Camera Snapshot app

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2 Responses to @gSchool Week 13

  1. Tech debt is the bain of every developer’s existence 🙂 I try to strike a balance between just getting it out there with my own bouts of perfection. However, I’ve learned to apply polish after receiving feedback.

  2. The concerns are definitely applicable to my situation. : ) We’ll have another two opportunities to participate in demos prior to the final demo day marking our graduation from the program. I plan to participate in both of them, which means I’ve got a lot of hard work and studying in front of me.

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